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Monday, January 29, 2018

You are in Control

Hypnosis requires your commitment, your desire to be successful.
Hypnosis has nothing to do with the hypnotherapist taking control. A hypnotist doesn't hypnotize anybody. The hypnotist is an educator, showing the participant how to do it themselves.

 Also, a myth is that intelligent people can't be hypnotized. A hypnotic state builds on your focus, intelligence, and creativity. Anyone who desires hypnosis, who can focus can achieve the relaxed hypnotic state.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we all use regularly. For instance, when we're daydreaming or every night falling into sleep and again upon awakening.

The hypnotist's role is to guide the participant from Beta brainwaves into the slower brainwave patterns.

BETA WAVES - 14Hz to 20Hz. Normal waking consciousness. You are in a Beta pattern when you are focused on your daily activities in the outside world.

ALPHA WAVES - 8Hz to 13Hz. Light meditation. Alpha pattern is prevalent when you daydream. Many people switch between Alpha and Beta during the day when they change their thoughts between focused and recalling or remembering something. Alpha Waves may be achieved just by closing your eyes.

THETA WAVES - 4Hz to 7Hz. Deep meditative states and states of intuitive creativity.

DELTA WAVES - .5Hz to 3Hz. Deep meditation or deep sleep state.

How slow you need the brainwave patterns to be depend on what you desire the hypnosis session to achieve.

For therapeutic work, a lighter state is required so you can respond to questions asked by the hypnotherapist. For surgery, a deep state is desired.

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Friday, January 05, 2018

Remote Influencing, Manifestation through Delta Brain Waves

The Simple Powerful Secret Is Already Within You.

The Real Secret is Connecting to It.
How to achieve what may seem to you to be supernatural feats?

Quite simple.

The ability to think/feel thoughts and emotions into reality, telepathy, manifesting co-incidences / synchronicities, psychic abilities, are abilities we were all born with.

Humans can all connect by changing their frequency to align with the infinite creative frequency of whatever they prefer to call it - Quantum Field, All That Is, Infinite Intelligence, God.  And we do so every night as we quiet from our individual linear thinking minds and enter the deeper frequency mind of unconscious sleep. And we can achieve it with meditation practice and hypnosis. In this Delta/Gamma vibration frequency state we are one with the infinite energy. 

The ability that this can be done and bring it to our conscious awareness of daily life is the goal. The Infinite Mind goes well beyond the level of the collective unconscious of man as it operates also the natural and biological world. 

The brain vibrating at a lower frequency stops conscious thinking and linear thought patterns. We merge vibrationally with the Infinite Intelligence releasing our individual consciousness as we go into unconscious sleep.

With your mind at the border of sleep in a very deep Theta brain wave state, in that level of reduced brainwave activity one can access information originating from the Quantum Field Energy Intelligence.

By quieting the intellectual thought mind chatter of the linear electrical brain that allows for the Infinite Intelligence within to communicate.

Each human being experiences the Theta level for fleeting moments every night when the mind dips down from the awake thought state of Beta level of awareness, slows rapidly through the Alpha and Theta states to the Delta state (brain waves of less than 4 cycles per second: deep sleep), and enters a profound sleep level, where consciousness of self is totally lost, and where even dreams do not occur. (When dreaming, a sense of self is necessary and the mind has to go back up to the Theta or Alpha state.)

Delta is the vibrational frequency level of the usually unexperienced universal mind. This is the level of the Infinite Creating Intelligence.

Time and space exist only in our 3D world. When we align our frequency to the Infinite Intelligence there is no time or space or even our bodies. When we merge with the Quantum Field vibration we are energy interconnected. Matter is a construct of slower vibrational frequency.

When with practice and training, one can drop and maintain a deep Theta/Gamma vibration, one experiences Infinite Intelligence Energy of being one with all and matterless. 

When one operates from the Theta level frequency, one can even open their eyes and be aware of both external and internal realities at once. This is a state that advanced gurus have told us about.

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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Improves Health - Strengthen Brain Functions

Hypnosis, Meditation and Visualization all access the brain wave patterns which have proven health benefits.

 Monks are considered the superstars of meditation. But benefits can also come from a variety of repetitive, mind-clearing practices that elicit relaxation state brain waves. Such as focused breathing, saying the rosary even knitting. Under that broad definition, about one-half of Americans perform some sort of meditation.

Massachusetts General Hospital researchers scanned the brains of 20 people who meditated regularly.

These people had four regions of cortex -- the rind of the brain, associated with higher functions like memory and decision making -- that were thicker than in 15 subjects who didn't meditate.

In addition, the researchers found signs that one area of the cortex seemed to have aged less quickly than it did in non-meditators. The study did not look at whether those brain differences had a noticeable impact on behavior, but researchers are now doing follow-up work to assess that.

The findings ''provide the first evidence that alterations in brain structure are associated with Western-style meditation practice, possibly reflecting increased use of specific brain regions," said Sara Lazar, of Harvard.

In other Harvard-affiliated work, researchers reported that by using a device that can analyze every breath a person exhales, they could objectively measure the depth of relaxation a person had achieved. People who reached deeper states of relaxation exhaled more nitric oxide, a gas known to relax the smooth muscles in arteries, and aid blood flow.

''Our results provide initial evidence of how the relaxation response intervention and other mind/body approaches might lower blood pressure," said Jeffery A. Dusek. ''In the near future, it may even be possible to use our new technique to determine an effective 'dose' of meditation for a given person, or to identify characteristics of individuals who best respond to the relaxation response intervention."

Another new study, from the University of Kentucky, found that meditation could offset the sluggishness of sleep deprivation better than a nap.

Researchers tested volunteers on a button-pressing speed task and found that even novice meditators improved their performance more after 40 minutes of meditation than after a 40-minute nap. Meditation helped even after a full night of sleep deprivation.

Ultimately, scientists aim to understand not only the powers of monks but the everyday experiences of amateur meditators for lowering high blood pressure and increasing energy.

There are many ways to meditate. Here are several varieties on relaxing breathe that can be practiced anywhere. 

Focus on your breath flowing deep into your abdomen. Expand your abdomen on the inhale and contract the abdomen lightly on the exhale. Breath slow and regular, inhale deeply exhale completely. Breathe in and out through the nose.

As you inhale think 1. Exhale completely, feeling your body releasing, relaxing, letting go. Repeat, each new breath is 1. Staying with the number 1 helps stay in the now plus keeps you out of thinking counting mode.

An alternative method is with each breath mentally, silently say a single syllable word that gives you a desired sensation. Word examples are Peace, Joy, Love, One, Om.

This breathing meditation can be done sitting with eyes closed  or in waking consciousness throughout the day when you need a spot of relaxation in traffic, grocery line or meetings.

Friday, December 01, 2017

Physical and Mental Benefits of Meditation

1. Increased Concentration Ability

Increased power of concentration is an ability you will benefit from in every day life. Learn to reduce the distractive nature of the mind, to focus completely on a task of your choice and to give it all your energy.

2. Intellectual and Emotional Balance

In addition to increasing your power of concentration Meditation will help you to develop a state of intellectual balance and emotional balance. Peace of mind.

Your increased power of concentration will help develop a calm mind and to maintain it under difficult circumstances. Outside influences will not throw you off balance so easily and when there are life disturbances, you will be able to get back into balance faster.

With stronger concentration you will be able to control your emotions without suppressing them.

3. Knowledge and Access to Your Unconscious

Become free of the destructive power of unconscious patterns learned from events in your past.
The more you understand the unconscious mind; you will realize why you repeat certain self-destructive behaviors. You will no longer automatically react with the unconscious destructive power of old patterns.

Our minds are similar to computer programs. Some of us are running programs set during childhood or traumatic events we experienced. A lot of these past programs are no longer necessary and are no longer helpful.

Meditation will give you access to the reactive patterns which you have not been aware of before. With meditation you learn to set the life goals you desire and less often will you react with past unconscious patterns.

Over time you will become totally free of these hidden dominating influences on your life and you will no longer be ruled by patterns.

4. Improved Intuitive Knowledge

We all have intuition.

With intuition you tap into “cosmic consciousness”, the all-knowing!

When you followed intuition that was not right, the mistake is not that cosmic consciousness gave you a wrong answer. The mistake was that you were not in touch with cosmic consciousness. Learn the difference between ego and intuition.

Meditation is one of the best practices for accessing true Intuition which is a tool you can train and learn to use.

Improved intuition will assist you in many kinds of situations, in business, in relationships, with your health and many other ways.

In our materialistic world, most of us have come to learn early on, that intuition should not be trusted, because it is often beyond logic and can not be measured.

Meditation will help you to improve your intuition tremendously and learn to trust it!

5. Improved Health and Well-Being

Meditation works particularly well for all stress related conditions. Medical research has already demonstrated the following long term benefits of meditation.
    Effects on the body:

• Reduction of pain, even with chronic problems such as cancer, heart problems or AIDS
• Improved vision (eyesight)
• Improved hearing
• Strengthening of the immune system

    Effects on the mind:

• Improvement of memory powers and intelligence
• Increased concentration and attention (awareness)

    Effects on psychological aspects:

• An increased feeling of identity and stronger self reliance
• Stronger sense of self through positive experiences about oneself
• Increased empathy, leading to increased openness in dealing with other people
• Increased contentment and appreciation of people and good things in life
• Improved creativity through increased intuition and inspiration
• Reduction of fear
• Reductions from addictions and other bad habits
• Improvements in dealing with
• depression
• hyperactivity
• ADD (attention deficit disorder)
• PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)

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Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Hypnosis, Meditation, Visualization

Relaxation Magic
Hypnosis, meditation and visualization are three similar processes for accessing a creative area of the sub-conscious mind. Within themselves, everyone has their own unique solutions for solving a situation they want to work on.

Relaxation Magic lessons use a combination of all three therapies for maximum results. With the exception of people who have mental disabilities such as schizophrenia and severe retardation, everyone can achieve the relaxed focus of hypnosis, meditation and visualization.

The way I work is to help a person first reach a relaxed state and then through visualizations find personal imagery to explore their situation. One reason I feel hypnosis, meditation and visualization are so potent for problem-solving is that areas of stress can be reached indirectly through analogies and a situation can be discussed without causing more discomfort.

Recent research is confirming how connected the mind is in creating and eliminating physical problems. Physicians can fix the body but the mind can create the situation again. This is why adding the mind to a health program is the optimum method for total healing.

The first step to being in control of your life is being in control of your mind. If you’re not controlling your thoughts, who is?

Meditation and visualization enable you to communicate with your physical body, to relax mental and muscle tension even regulate autonomous body systems. Documentation has been out for years that meditation masters can control their heart rate and body temperature. Perhaps we will never need to use body heat to dry wet robes in frigid weather as advanced meditation masters can but being in peaceful control of ourselves mentally and physically is an ideal goal.

Meditation is a state of heightened awareness not of unconsciousness.

During meditation and visualization  you will be aware of any outer physical situation that requires your immediate attention.

Topics covered in Relaxation Magic
Where to start
Details - Time, Setting, Clothing, Posture

Passive Visualization / Meditation / Self Hypnosis
Strengthen your ability to focus / concentrate

Learn how to control your thoughts

Get in touch with your body

Active Visualization / Meditation / Self Hypnosis
Develop intuition and mental creativity

Be Relaxed Anytime Anywhere

Recognizing & Reprogramming
Self Defeating Behaviors

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Pre Birth Affirmations for a Healthy Child
Bonding with Fetus

Affirmations condition the subconscious mind which then influences your consciousness.

Affirmations can be used in several ways. You can use one method or a combination.

  • You might want to write them in a journal.

  • Read them to yourself or aloud.

  • Post your favorites on cards and either carry them with you or tape affirmation cards where you will see them throughout the day.

  • Make a recording in your own voice (your mate’s voice) and play it as you fall into sleep is a very effective method.

As you use your preferred method include mental visualization using as many of your five senses (sight, sound smell, taste, touch) as appropriate.

Also include different emotional feelings such as love, protection, nurturing, joy. Emotion is a fuel which makes affirmations more powerful.

Be aware of breathing deep into the abdomen. As if you are sending the affirmation to your child on the inhale. As you exhale feel your child’s response.


Hello or Good morning (afternoon, evening)
(add your child’s name or term of affection) Hello Johnny or Good Morning precious little one.

I sense and feel your growth into perfect health.

(Name of child or affection / Beautiful baby) your growth follows the master blue print for development.

Daily you positively increase in maturity.

Perfect development flows from the growth each new cell.

I am confident in your healthy increase.

I feel the bliss of your strong growth flowing through both of us.

I fill with great happiness as I feel you develop.

Each day brings us closer and closer.

Your growth and development is perfect in every way.

You are strong and hearty.

You feel at peace. I feel your peace. You feel my love.

We are in harmony. We actually grow and develop together.

Every day you increase in size in the perfect way.

Your growth is ideal.

You follow the model for development.

Moment by moment I experience your presence increasing.

We both are comfortable and at ease as you grow.

Baby’s name or term of affection can be used in place of “you or your”.

Because of the many different religions, I haven’t included any affirmations referring to God. Those can be used by adding your personal religious choices to most of the above affirmations.
You can add your own affirmations.

Write in present tense.
Write what you want, no “reverse” positives which would be using words such as no, never, not or don’t. For instance the correction of, You have no health problems would be You are universal blueprint of health and vitality.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Past Life Regression Script

The script below can be read aloud by a friend or you can record the script and play it back. Read at a slow but regular pace with a neutral voice. Don’t try for hypnotic or dramatic tone.

Make notes about your experiences and responses afterwards as soon as possible.

You can receive information in pictures, emotions, sounds, thoughts and smells. Be open and aware of all sensory input. Accept everything as a clue. What can appear trivial at first might become significant with further reflection on the regression considering both dialogue and emotions.

Take everything lightly as if you’re playing a mental game. Avoid questioning the validity of what you sense. Approach script and results as if you’re playing the game “20 Questions” where whatever pops first into your mind is the right answer.

For the staircase imagery everyone has seen a staircase. So everyone can remember one in their mind’s eye.

Some people have developed creative visual skills and may feel comfortable picturing a fantasy staircase or combining imagined elements with actual staircase.

But everyone can remember one they’ve seen. Don’t use the “I don’t see anything” excuse. Remember a staircase and you will see it.

The more you use the script, the more you get.


Release the weight of your body into the support of the floor/bed.

Notice how your back makes contact with the support of the floor/bed.

Relax the back of your legs....the back of your hips....your lower back, middle back, and upper back.

Feel the weight and relaxation of the back of your body sinking through the floor/bed.

Relax the back of your shoulders / the back of your arms / the back of your neck / and the back of your head.

Wiggle and make any adjustments needed to relax the back of your body into the ground more fully. Melt into the support of the floor/bed completely.

Now, notice the weight of your body.

Notice the weight of your legs, as they rest on the floor. Let your legs be heavy. Let your thighs, feet and toes relax. Release, relax, let go of them completely. Let your legs drift and float and now forget about them.

Notice the weight of your hips and pelvis, as they rest on the floor/bed. Let the weight of your pelvis sink into the floor/bed.

Notice the weight of your rib cage. Let the back ribs melt into the floor/bed. Feel your abdomen expand with each inhalation. As you exhale, let the belly fully contract. Like a giant balloon inflating and completely deflating. Relaxing deeper with each deep breath.

Notice the weight of your shoulders and arms, as they rest on the floor/bed. Let your arms be so heavy that they sink through the floor/bed. Then release them completely. Let go. Let them drift and float away and then forget about them.

Notice the weight of your head, as it rests on the floor/bed. Let the head be heavy. Feel your neck and throat release and relax.

Relax the muscles of your face / relax your eyes and eyelids / your cheeks melt into relaxation / release, relax, let go of your jaw / your forehead and eyebrows smooth and relaxed / feel your scalp melt into relaxation. Your whole head and face totally relaxed, released.

Become aware of your breathing. Notice each inhalation relaxing the front of your body, and each exhalation relaxing the whole back of your body. Breathing slow, deep and then let it go.

Breathing the body deeper and deeper into relaxation as you drift and float in peace.

Close your eyes if not already closed.

Imagine and Picture you are at the top of a staircase

There are 10 safe steps down to deep relaxation

Counting backwards (either aloud or in your mind) from 10 as you go down each stair

Breathe through your nose filling the abdomen and exhale completely through your mouth as you go down each stair

Feeling safe and secure starting down the stairs now. / 10

Going down and breathing down. Down another stair now / 9

Release, (slight pause) relax, (slight pause) let go /8

Feeling more and more relaxed and peaceful as I go down each stair / 7

Down, (slight pause) down, (slight pause) down / 6

Every muscle, cell and atom of my body melts into relaxation / 5

I am so comfortable, so relaxed I am no longer aware of having this body. / 4

Going down and breathing deeper down / 3

Breathing deep and relaxing deeper / 2

Down, (slight pause) down, (slight pause) down / 1

I am at the bottom of the stairs Releasing, (slight pause) Relaxing, (slight pause) Letting go

I turn around, look at the staircase and it fades, melts disappears. It is gone and I feel confident and secure

Look around imagine, picture a path.

Notice what the path is made of and follow it.

Notice what is around your path. Grass, flowers, sand, trees, birds, animals, mountains, water etc. (If you are not visually gifted, imagine what you like to see.)

Engage all your senses. What do you smell? What textures are around you? Do you feel sunlight, a breeze? Are there sounds?

You are totally safe and protected as you follow this path. Stroll around looking around for awhile.

Eventually you notice a gate.

When you are in front of the gate look up in the sky, you notice your name written in the sky in clouds. As you watch, the clouds dissolve as clouds do. The sky is clear and your name is gone. You feel comfortable with this.

Reach for the door of the gate, open it and pass through to a past life experience.

(You can take whatever life pops in or ask for a specific life. For instance say and know “I now pass into the life where I learn about ______________________”)

(Whatever comes to mind, accept and go with the flow as if it’s an imagination game. There will be clues that assure you of the value of what you get.)

Look at your feet. What types of covering, if anything, are on your feet? Gradually move your awareness up your body noticing what clothing you have on.

Look around you, what are surroundings like? (Remember just go with your first impression. If things are vague, move over for a closer look.)

If you haven’t yet noticed anyone else there, look around for other people. (In some cases it is possible that you are the only one there.) Notice what other people are wearing and doing. If you want to, approach the others and ask questions. (Nothing there can bother you now and clues there can help with issues in the present. If you don’t like what is around you ask for the lesson in it to go to another scene.)

Ask yourself things you’d like to know. Such as what is my name, what year is it, what is this location called.

Tell your mind to show you the happiest time you experienced in that lifetime. Personally I prefer to skip the death but you can ask for that scene. You can ask to go to the space in between lives.

I like to end by asking for the most important lesson learned in that lifetime. The answer is usually a word or phrase rather than a particular scene as it sums up the entire life.

When finished you can just open your eyes or you can return to the gate you entered lifetime and go back through.

(Thirty minutes is long enough to spend on this script. Make notes as soon as possible.)

Hypnosis is a Natural State

Hypnosis, also meditation and visualization, are processes that reach a creative area of your subconscious mind where memories and habits are stored.

Hypnosis is a state of focused heightened awareness not of sleep or unconsciousness.

It is a changing fluid state. You might hear a sound you want to check out, come up out of a relaxed alpha brain wave pattern, see what caused the noise and decide whether to drop back into relaxation or not. You are totally in control.

Everyone has experienced light trace state naturally every day when they pass into and out of sleep.

Trance state also occurs when you’re so engrossed in a movie or book that your focus is more in the visualization of the movie or book than your actual surroundings.

Anyone who drives a vehicle has experienced highway hypnosis. Driving along with their focus on things other than driving until something happens to call them back from autopilot.

Hypnotic techniques are also in many religious and cultural rituals. The Catholic ritual of saying the rosary is a verbal hypnotic technique. Indian drumming is auditory hypnosis.

Changes are more successful when engineered through the sub-conscious because the conscious mind will argue back at you about change. This critical factor is passed by in the hypnotic state and suggestions are accepted.

Be comforted that hypnotic suggestions have to be consistent with your personal morals.

You can never be “suggested” into doing something in a hypnotic state that you would not want do in a regular conscious state.

Hypnosis depends on your following the instructions. You are doing it to yourself. No one can be hypnotized against their will.

You are “willing” yourself into the relaxed state by following the directions to relax. In the relaxed state, you can add visualization or use subliminals.

So quite often you have dropped into a light hypnotic state through everyday occurrences or natural rituals.

To deliberately achieve a hypnotic, meditative state, first, relax using a technique that suits you.

There are many ways to relax, abdominal breathing, meditation music, relaxation tape, or even light exercise. The relaxation is a subtle feel good experience. You are not asleep or unconscious. You are aware of everything and you feel very mellow.

You can enjoy the relaxed state or you can add programming to make positive hypnotic changes to habits or emotional responses.

Programming can be accomplished with a script that you read aloud.

Or you can tape yourself reading a script and listen to the suggestions hearing your own voice.

For more Hypnotic & Manifesting Techniques contact me at Manifest From Heart